Our Services

Warts are unsightly and painful benign lesions that can occur anywhere on the skin, especially on the feet.
Children can experience a variety of foot complaints that affect their activity level. Heel pain, weak ankles, flat feet are some of the more common complaints we deal with.
Some nails for a variety of reasons can cause a lot of pain and infections. For nails that don’t respond to conservative therapies we remove the offending nail under local anaesthetic.
Sore feet can make you miserable! Podiatrists can assess foot function, diagnose foot pathologies and offer treatments that can improve performance and address pain.
At the clinic we do regular diabetes and vascular foot assessments on at risk feet. Poor circulation from diseases like diabetes can have a big impact on foot health over time.
The most popular form of treatment we provide is general foot care for people of all ages. Like our skin and hair, nails change in shape and can become difficult to manage and this is where we step in